Monday, September 21, 2009

Magic of the House

We often observe a noticeable change in guests' demeanor during their stay at the Stewart Inn. A typical situation is a couple arriving late Friday evening following a stressful week on the job. When they step into the warm ambiance of the Drawing Room the tension drops along with their jaws as they view the floor to ceiling fused glass fireplace, shimmering with changing greens, golds and reds. The beamed ceiling, graceful arches, art-glass windows, and golden oak paneling give this room a comfortable feeling that belies its size. Thick stucco walls keep the interior extremely quiet, adding to a sense of peace and security. The next morning when guests come down for breakfast they are invariably relaxed and happy. Jane and I just look at each other and say 'It's the magic of the house.'

1 comment:

  1. The Inn does indeed sound magical. A well thought out ambience has the power to create a comfortable space. That floor to ceiling fused glass fireplace looks like something one would need to see with their own eyes. Amazing.

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